Welcome to the Forgotten Diseases Research Foundation's free online diagnosis assistant.

This system helps match a set of clinical features (signs, symptoms, and traits) to rare diseases. To use it, simply tick yes, no or don't know (when asked) for each question. Choosing don't know accurately is very important, because our scoring system takes don't know answers into account.

Getting a list of matching diseases with this system may take a little longer than it does with other systems that simply ask you to type in a list of clinical features. However, because we curate our system by hand and design it to behave like an expert, the list of matching conditions should be more accurate than lists created by systems that scan information from different sources and look for terms that match what is typed in. Thus, our system saves time at the end the process.

To get started, simply answer yes or no to the questions on this page.

Does the patient have a problem or anything of note in the following systems?
Yes No System Name
Abdominal organs
Balance or standing
Behavior or psychiatric
Cardiovascular including blood vessels
Dental and saliva
Eating- or appetite-related problems
Ethnicity: Slavic
Genitals, including uterus/ovaries
Growth and development (including weight, and size at birth )
Head and neck, including face (except dental)
Neurological (includes cognitive changes)
Immune (includes allergies & frequent infections, but not lab tests)
Laboratory values
Measles (history of infection)
Musculoskeletal (Skull: see Head and Neck)
Sleep or insomnia
Speech or voice (includes crying)
Vomiting/nausea, diarrhea/constipation